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While serving as a Navy SEAL, TRX founder and CEO Randy Hetrick needed a way to workout and stay mission fit. With an old jiu-jitsu belt, some parachute webbing and sheer ingenuity, Hetrick sewed together the first TRX Suspension Trainer.

He set up his handmade contraption over a door and discovered that he’d produced the perfect mobile gym. It weighed less than two pounds, he could set it up anywhere and he got an incredible workout that taxed every muscle in his body and worked his core in ways he’d never before experienced. It did everything traditional weights did, and then some–and it was a completely new way to train.


In 2001, Hetrick hung up his fins to attend Stanford’s Graduate School of Business where he refined his new training tool, working with coaches, athletes, students and sports medicine specialists.

Hetrick started selling Suspension Trainers out of his garage in San Francisco, and dreamed that one day his brand would build an international training destination dedicated to helping everyone move, feel and look their best. The TRX Training Center is this dream realized.

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In our classes you’ll use your body weight, gravity and TRX Training equipment to push, pull, lunge, squat, hinge and plank your way to a better you. Expect to move, sweat, shuffle, and above all, have a kick ass workout experience. Some classes challenge you with a single piece of training equipment, some use a broad mix of training tools such as kettlebells, ViPR and SandBells, but they all deliver incredible results.

Make sure to bring a water bottle, shoes are optional because we want you to have strong feet too.



Every class delivers a total-body workout with a warm up mobility, activations and core training. Expect to be coached and guess what, you can modify the exercises in all of our classes to get the perfect workout for your fitness level. Our coaches will help you determine the best movements for your specific needs and wants.




2007 was when I was dropped from the New Zealand National Water Polo team 2 weeks before, FINA World Champs. I will never forget the feeling after that phone call while in the gym and feeling crushed. Until then I always believed stress was for weak, and I felt like the biggest failure. Jumping back in the pool and not being able to even do warm up times without hurting. Today I am nothing more than grateful for that moment. I learned so much about myself and I worked so hard to be where I am now. To become a TRX Master Trainer, Own the first and still the only TRX gym in Australia, and work with some of the best athletes in Australia. One of my most satisfying moments of my career is helping young Water Polo players achieve their Olympic Dream

Marin Lazic


The idea of TRX Training was essentially born in Mykonos, during the TRX Master Trainers Summit.  Dream was to provide the actual Functional Training and make people better. Goal is to create the Personal Training, in group environment.

"anyone can make you tired, but can they make you better"

“anyone can make you tired, but can they make you better”