Are you doing anti-rotation movements?

Have you heard of anti-rotation movements? You might already be doing this with your coach. If you are not, its probably a good idea to speak to them about it.

Anti-rotation movements  are useful for incorporating variety and, most importantly, helping master core stability.

Considering its name, anti-rotation training is somewhat self-explanatory. Those movements resist rotation of the trunk (core) and spine when acted on by elements of the environment. With that in mind, the goal is to maintain a stable core position throughout the chosen movements even when a resistance or force tempts trunk rotation.

The role of anti-rotation movements is to improve coordination and strength of the muscles that function in the transverse plane. 

Training in transverse plane is super important because due to constant gravity force, it is the most efficient plane of motion that our body moves in. The body is structurally designed to rotate.  

If you are not doing any transverse plane of motion exercises, its time to speak to your coach…actually its prob time to get rid of them.

Examples of anti-rotation training

Marin Lazic