A1) TRX Mobility

B2) TRX Plank 8 rounds 10sec on 3sec Off

B3) TRX "Choice" (Choose 20reps from TRX Crunch, TRX Pike, TRX Body saw, Mash up etc)

WORKOUT - Everything is 40sec on 20sec off for 2 Rounds

C1) TRX Hip Press

C2) TRX Tricep Press

C3) TRX Single Leg Squat (One and Half Reps)

C4) TRX Runners Stretch

D1) TRX Burpee

D2) TRX "Y" Delt Fly

D3) High Plank w alt Shoulder Taps

D4) Closed Twist

High Intensity Steady State

On the minute every minute for 6min

10sec TRX Low Row Holds

5 TRX Low Row

10 Push Ups w Alt Ankle Touches



Marin Lazic