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TRX Circuit

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TRX Training Sydney is not a traditional studio – we put a lot of thought into creating a fun, clean and safe environment. Our focus was to create what we call a ‘third space’, a place that does not remind a person of home or a stressful work environment. We believe there is a lot more to health and fitness than ticking the “eat right, train hard” boxes.

We don’t want our ‘athletes’ to think of exercise as a job. We want to them remember what is like to play and our space and programming is reflective of that. Just like [a child’s] playground it has green AstroTurf, timber, ropes, monkey bars, bouncy balls and all the other functional training tools e.g. TRX, ViPR, Sandbells, Kettlebells, Valslides etc. Every class is uniquely programmed so you never have the same experience twice. We don’t really believe in growing up, we believe in growing strong and living a healthy, happy, authentic life


Bio: Marin Lazic 

As a TRX Master Instructor, Marin and his team are the experts for anyone looking to master this unique tool.


“We believe in training movements, not muscle. We produce best-in-class training equipment, workout programs.”