Run Strong in Balmain

Of all the movement patterns the human body is capable of, walking /running is definitely by far the most complex one!

Some say running is a small amount of stress on the body over a long period of time, but I’d say it’s actually quite the opposite

With every single step during a run, your body has to deal with 2.5-3 times it’s body weight! When you’re standing on both legs, half your weight is distributed on each leg. When you’re standing on one leg, all your bodyweight is on one leg. Now take a barbell that’s about 150% your body weight and add it in top of your shoulders!

If you weigh 68kg, your body actually undergoes 170kg of force! 

That’s roughly how much stress your bones, tendons, muscles and ligaments go through every single time you take a step when you run

Running demands a lot from your body, so if you don’t have the appropriate mobility, strength, flexibility pre-reqs to handle the load repetitively, injury is bound to happen.

This is also why bi lateral barbell squats / Deadlifts are not the best exercises for runners, and you are almost wasting time if your goal is to get stronger for running.

Single leg movements (with the right technique) are much better:

TRX Single Leg Squat

TRX Lunge

Single RDL

Offset DeadLifts

ViPR Ice Skaters