Loaded Movement Training to build resiliency

To truly prepare for life's physical demands on the body, you need to build resiliency by training in all three planes of motion.

“Being resilient means having the ability to recover quickly from difficult circumstances or events like injuries, training setbacks, and daily physical stressors,” says Michol Dalcourt, the San Diego-based creator of the ViPR, founder of the Institute of Motion.

The ViPR is a tool in your arsenal that can help you achieve the strength you need to bounce back quickly. Plus, a new study found that it's great for metabolic payoff as well. Researchers had 10 young men and women cycle through two rounds of five exercises using the ViPR Pro, alternating 60 seconds of work with 60 seconds of rest. They burned an average of 247 calories during the 20-minute session, according to the findings, published in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness.