Water Polo Specific Gym Program

Water Polo Specific Gym Program


Water Polo program specific to you and your movement needs, position, level, your goals.

This is an integrative and ongoing process to change your body, your health, and ultimately impact the way you use your body and improve your Water Polo capacity.

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All Online Programming is personalised to YOUR movement level, fitness level,  goal and equipment that you have access too. We would clearly love you to have access to TRX equipment but it not necessary.

Why you should do it: Game of water polo is played in unique environment (water) where we deal with not just gravity but buoyancy and drag too. Also if you really break it down, its game played in rotation. From your ankles, hips, T-Spine and shoulders.  Most traditional programs are done in sagittal plane which means they will get you strong in the Gym but not necessarily translate to game of water polo. 

How to do it:  It is a 4 week program with 3 workouts per week.  All the workouts are full body workouts with a huge focus on mobility and rotation. Once you sign up, we will be in touch with you to discuss how program works.  If you are based in Sydney there is also an option to come and see us to go trough movement. 

If you do not have access to TRX, its ok. We can make this work with what you got. Its going to be personalised to you.